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Dr. Hufnagel incorporates current advancments in diagnostic tools with traditional "hands on" Chiropractic treatment.

Safe, proper and effective diagnosis and treatment is Dr. Hufnagel's #1 priority. Technological advances in diagnostic tools for the safe evaluation of patients is an essential aspect of health care today.  Hufnagel Chiropractic is proud to offer in-house x-ray (when needed) and diagnostic tools for you and your family's safe and effective Chiropractic care.


Dr. Hufnagel uses "hands on" traditional Chiropractic techniques and treatment. There are many diffrent terms for Dr. Hufnagel's philosophy and style of care such as traditional, corrective or wellness care.  Over 110 years ago Chiropractic began and its founder chose the term "Chiropractic" because it is derived from the Greek meaning chiro-(hands) and praktikos-(to practice). Dr. Hufnagel has performed literally hundreds of thousands of adjustments with his hands over the last 15 years on patients ranging in age from newborn to 90s. Dr. Hufnagel also strongly believes in the education of patients so they can make informed, educated decisions about their  Chiropractic care. "Listen to your body, the most important doctor lies inside each of us."

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